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About Us

We have been in continuous operation for over fifty-five years. As a family owned enterprise, we have built a formidable construction crew and flooring facility. During our years of operation we have repaired, remolded or renovated thousands of apartments, commercial spaces, hotel units and single-family homes in the Greater Bay Area and Central Valley.

The renovation of these projects has varied from the simplest repair to complete rehab including seismic retrofitting, drywall, mechanical, electrical, and framing replacement. With the size and diversity of our crew, we can usually start projects within one to two days of approval and complete the project in an appropriate amount of time. This can be especially valuable to properties in need of quick and comprehensive maintenance services. We can also staff your property with skilled labor at an hourly rate to help you catch up with turnovers or any variety of repairs. 

We are centrally located in Fremont with a 12,000 square foot warehouse where we stock large inventory of building materials ready for installation. On larger projects we stage materials in a controlled storage area inside our warehouse. 



Centralmont Flooring